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What types of automotive services are eligible for the CarXstream Partner Program?
The CarStream Partner Program includes service providers for inspections, vehicle transport, oil changes, detailing, new tires, body & mechanical work, and modifications.
How do i book for a inspection service?
1.Searching on CarXstream 2.FInding a perfect service for you. 3.Avail the services.
How do service providers get paid for work booked through CarXstream?
Funds are deposited by CarXstream directly into the service provider’s account.
How are services between service providers and vehicle owners coordinated?
Service providers and customers can use CarStreams messaging tools to communicate back and forth.
How does an automotive service provider join the CarXstream Partner Program? What are the requirements?
Service providers can create an account on CarStream and add service details under the Services navigation option.
What if the lien holder (bank, credit union, other) still holds the title?
Simply let us know who holds your loan and we’ll contact them to verify the balance of your loan. They may reach out to you to authorize the disclosure of this info. We can’t list your vehicle until this information is verified.
What are the benefits of joining the CarXstream Partner Program?
As a member of our partner program, you are given the opportunity to bid on a job every time it’s requested through our application. Our platform acts as an automated marketing tool that gives you access to a growing marketplace.